Office of Curriculum, Technology, & Instruction

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Office of Curriculum, Technology, & Instruction

Director of Curriculum, Technology, & Instruction

Director of Curriculum, Technology, & Instruction

Dr. Sue Brackenhoff
Director, Curriculum and Instruction
306 E. Whittier Ave.
Fairborn, Ohio 45324

The Office of Curriculum, Technology, and Instruction is responsible for:

  • Management of K-12 Curriculum

  • Selection and purchasing of textbooks and educational materials

  • Data Collection, Aggregation, and Interpretation

  • State of Ohio Testing

  • Technology Department & Tech Purchases

  • Professional Development & Trainings

In partnership with our innovative faculty, the Office of Curriculum, Technology, and Instruction coordinates the following groups and teams. We believe it takes a village to help educate the whole child; our village is collaborative, strong, and dedicated in our pursuit of personal and academic excellence. 

  • Academic Council

  • Academic Action Team

  • Continuous Improvement Planning

  • K-8 Summer School

  • Gifted Instruction

  • Homeschooling

  • Library/Media Services

  • Literacy Coaches

  • Math Coaches

  • Parental Concerns

  • School Improvement

  • Title I, Reading Intervention

  • Title IIA, Professional Development

For ESL information:
Karen DePinto  (937) 879-3611 (Baker Middle School/Fairborn High School)
Email: [email protected]

Matsumi Vargas (937) 878-8668 (Fairborn Primary School)
Email: [email protected]
Louise Almanza (937) 878-3961

For Gifted Services information:
Mrs. Sarah Fulton (937) 878-3961 


Staff Members

Dr. Sue Brackenhoff, Director, Curriculum and Instruction
[email protected]

Deena Kemper, Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
(937) 878-3961 ext. 109, fax (937) 879-8180

Sarah Fulton, Coordinator of Gifted Services
(937) 878-3961

Karen DePinto, ESL at BMS & FHS
(937) 879-3611
Email: [email protected]

Matsumi Vargas, ESL at FPS
(937) 878-8668
Email: [email protected]
Louise Almanza, ESL at FIS
(937) 878-3961

ESL Services

ESL Services


ESL Services are provided for PreK-12.

ESL services are provided based on eligibility for the program.

Students from any culture or language will be served after eligibility is determined.

For more information about the ESL program in Fairborn City Schools, please email:


Mutsumi Vargas

ESL Teacher/Coordinator (Fairborn Primary School)

(937) 878-8668

Email: [email protected]

Louise Almanza (Fairborn Primary School and Fairborn Intermediate School)

(937) 878-3961(FIS)

Email: [email protected]


Karen DePinto

ESL Teacher (Baker Middle School and Fairborn High School)

(937) 878-4681 (BMS)

(937) 878-3611 (FHS)

Email: [email protected]

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