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Board Of Education

Board Of Education

 To contact the Fairborn Board of Education please call: 937- 878-3961. General questions and information can be provided through the main office at 878-3961. You can also email the Board of Education at: Your email will be responded to in a timely manner. The Fairborn Board of Education held their organizational meeting on Thursday, January 11, 2018

President: Mr. Andrew Wilson

Vice President: Mr. Jerry Browning

The board members were also appointed to the following committees: 

FCS Athletic Council: Mr. Jerry Browning and Mr. Pat McCoart
Delegate to OSBA Capital Conference: Mr. Andrew Wilson
Alternate to OSBA Capital Conference: Mrs. Katie Mlod
Hall of Honor Selection Committee: Mr. Pat McCoart and Ms. Mary Reaster
Hall of Honor Induction Committee: Mr. Pat McCoart and Ms. Mary Reaster
OSBA Legislative Liaison: Mr. Andrew Wilson
OSBA Student Achievement Liaison: Mrs. Katie Mlod
FCS Audit Committee: Mr. Andrew Wilson
Fairborn Education Foundation/Alumni Steering Committee: Mr. Jerry Browning and Mr. Andrew Wilson
FCS Wellness Committee: Mrs. Katie Mlod
FCS Public Records Designees: Mr. Pat McCoart and Mr. Gary Walker
FCS Records Commission: Mr. Pat McCoart
FCS Technology Committee: Mr. Andrew Wilson
Liaison Fine Arts Dept: Mr. Jerry Browning
Liaison FCS Music Dept: Mr. Jerry Browning and Ms. Mary Reaster (A)
Liaison Bath Township: Mr. Pat McCoart
Liaison City of Fairborn: Mr. Pat McCoart
Liaison WPAFB: Mr. Pat McCoart
Liaison WSU: Mr. Pat McCoart

The Fairborn Board of Education meets the first Thursday of each month in the Fairborn High School Media Center at 6:00 p.m. Fairborn High School is located at 900 E. Dayton-Yellow Springs Road, Fairborn.  Copies of the board's agenda are available at the Board of Education, 306 E. Whittier Avenue. The agendas are also located near the entrance to the board meeting and contain the following:
*Monthly Reports
*Items for action
*Approved board minutes are also available online.

The Board of Education:
*Set goals and objectives to achieve desired educational goals
*Establish policies for the operation of the school district
*Establish the effectiveness of district programs and services
*Communicate the needs and progress of the district to the community, educational governing boards and legislators
*Develop a budget consistent with educational needs and community resources

The Superintendent of Schools is employed by the Board to carry out Board policies and to administer the schools on a day-to-day basis. He/She is not a member of the board. The Superintendent is responsible to the Board while all other employees of the district, either directly or indirectly, are responsible to the Superintendent.

The Treasurer is employed by the Board to administer, in cooperation with the Superintendent, the financial, legal, and contractual business of the school district. He/She is not a member of the Board. The Treasurer reports directly to the Board.

Fairborn Board of Education

Mr. Andrew Wilson-President

442 Zimmer Dr.

Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Phone: (937) 878-5840

Term Expires: 12-31-21

Mr. Jerry Browning-Vice President

1307 Horizon Dr.

Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Phone: (937) 554-9225

Term Expires: 12-31-19

Mrs. Katie Mlod

508 Thompson Dr.

Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Phone: (937) 776-0791

Term Expires: 12-31-19

Mr. Pat McCoart

1173 Mint Springs Dr.

Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Phone: (937) 813-0261

Term Expires: 12-31-19

Mary Reaster photograph
Ms. Mary Reaster
501 Grant St.
Fairborn, OH 45324
Phone: (937) 510-2449
Term Expires:  12-31-21

Board Agendas

December 10, 2015

Board Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2015 Special Meeting
November 12, 2015 Regular Meeting
October 28, 2015 Special Session
October 19, 2015 Regular Session
October 15, 2015 Special Session
October 9, 2015 Board/Student Roundtable
September 17, 2015 Special Session
September 10, 2015 Regular Session
September 9, 2015 Special Session
September 1, 2015 Special Session
August 13, 2015 Regular Session
July 30, 2015 Work Session
July 9, 2015 Regular Session
June 29, 2015 Special Session
June 18, 2015 Work Session
June 11, 2015 Regular Session
June 11, 2015 Public Hearing
May 28, 2015 Special Session
May 14, 2015
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