Registration Process


Registration Process

The FHS Registration Process

Which Courses Should I Sign up For?

Picking your courses for the upcoming year requires planning and thought.  We want you to make sure you've met all your graduation requirements by the end of your 4 years, and also that you pick courses that are a good match for you!

We've broken the selection and registration process down into steps to make it a bit easier.

If you have any questions or concerns during planning or registration, talk to your Baker or High School Counselor.  We are here to help you successfully navigate this process!

Let's Break It Down...

Step 1 - Get Ready:  Make sure you have all of your scheduling materials

Step 2 - Get Set:  Understand Your Graduation Requirements &

               Make Your 4-year Plan, & Use Your 2023-2024 Course Request Worksheet

Step 3 - Go! Enter your course requests online in the Public Request system 
(Tip: Watch the Skyhawk Connections Night presentation again where a counselor will talk you through the process of logging in, entering your course preferences and alternates, and submitting them to the high school. This presentation will be posted after Skyhawk Connections Night takes place.)

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