Central Registration and Back to School forms


Central Registration and Back to School forms

Central Registration and Back to School Forms

Welcome to Fairborn City Schools, we are excited you are enrolling your child in our schools and can’t wait for them to join the Skyhawk family.  While our central registration is located at the board of education office, for your convenience, the enrollment process in done online and through email.  

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Before enrolling your child, here are a few things to consider:

  • Are you the custodial parent/legal guardian of the child? 
  • Do you live within the Fairborn City School district?   Fairborn City Schools is NOT an open enrollment district.  Please find a district map by clicking on:  FCS District Map.pdf
  • Do you have all the documents needed to enroll my child? (Click on:  DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR STUDENT ENROLLMENT.pdf) to see the list. 




Click here to sign into OneViewCLICK HERE to sign into OneView to update your "Back to School" information and  to create a new account.  
Click on link InstructionsforCreatinganAccountinOneview1.pdf for instructions to set up a OneView account.
Forms must be updated for each child you have in the districtThese forms need to be updated for each child that you have enrolled in our district. 



Address Changes

If changing your address in OneView, you must submit proof of residency and your state ID to your child’s school in order to complete the process.  

Attendance Department

If submitting when school is out of session, please forward this information to our Attendance Department at [email protected].  

*Be sure to include the names of each student that the change of address is for.


To withdraw your student

Email [email protected].oh.us to request a withdrawal form to be emailed to you. Please include the name and grade level of the students to be withdrawn.


Login information

If you do not remember your username or password to OneView, please contact the building your child attends or call the central office and ask the secretary for your log in information.



How to create a OneView account

Click here to sign into OneView to creat a new account.

Click Here: InstructionsforCreatinganAccountinOneview1.pdf for instructions to set up an OneView Account

Next steps for enrollment

Once you have submitted your enrollment information in OneView you will receive two (2) emails, one titled “Registration Instructions” and the other titled “Next Steps for Enrollment”.  

Enrollment/Registration information

The “Next Step for Enrollment” email is forms for you to complete that will automatically send back to the registrar.  The “Registration Instructions” email will have the list of documents you will need to email back to the registrar by replying to that email.

Documents required for student enrollment


  • Student’s certified copy of birth certificate
  • Student’s most recent immunization records
  • Parent/legal guardian state ID (cannot be expired)
  • Parent/legal guardian proof of residency - Proof of residency must be a lease agreement signed by landlord or most recent mortgage statement. Parent/legal guardian can also provide a copy of one of their most recent utility bills (i.e. water, gas, trash, electric, internet, cable) as proof of residency.  Proof of residency must be in parent/legal guardian’s name, address and be within the last 60 days.  
  • Court file stamped custody documents (if applicable)
  • IEP/504/Special Education records (if applicable)
  • Previous year’s tax return (for preschool enrollments only)

* We will not request these particular documents from your child’s previous school.  

Confirmation information from registrar

Once the registrar receives all the documents needed to enroll your child you will receive a confirmation email with the child’s start date and school building information.

Transportation/school supplies and back to school information

Click HERE for information on transportation, supplies, and all back to school information.

*Please email Dana Howard at [email protected] or contact the school building with questions.


Preschool information

To enroll into preschool, your child must turn 3 before the first day of school. School age exception is made for preschool students on an IEP.  If you have any preschool related questions, please email Danielle Wyen at [email protected]


   Click Here:   Preschool Registration.pdf for the Preschool registration brochure


Kindergarten information

To enroll into kindergarten, your child must turn 5 on or before September 30th of the school year attending.

 Click Here: Kindergarten Registration 2023-24.pdf for the Kindergarten registration brochure.

Quick Links: 

VERIFICATION OF RESIDENCY.pdf – This form is for if you are living with someone and you do not have any proof of residency in your name.  You must include photo id and proof of residency of the person you are living with along with the completed and notarized form.

Military Liason Release.pdf - WPAFB has made services available for students of military families. Please read and decide whether or not this is something that you would be interested in. Your response is totally up to you and can be changed at any time, however a response is required. If you have any questions, please email Alicia Ciccone at [email protected]

Language-Usage-Survey.pdf– You will only need to complete the first page of this form, the second page is for the school to complete.  This information will tell school staff if they need to check your child’s proficiency in English. Answers to these questions ensure your child receives the education services to succeed in school. The information is not used to identify immigration status.

Medicaid Parent Consent Form.pdf – This form is for us to receive Federal Medicaid dollars through a program called the Ohio Medicaid School Program (OMSP).  Through this important program, all Ohio school districts can receive critically necessary Medicaid dollars to help support the special education type services provided to its students, such as Speech/language, Audiology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Psychology, Counseling and Social Work.

Chromebook Procedures and Information.pdf-This is the district Chromebook information and sign-off page for parents and families. 





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