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FCS Annual Hall of Honor Presenters Announced
The FCS Annual Hall of Honor will be Friday, April 28, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the FHS commons. Click here to view the presenters for the Hall of Honor Class of 2017! Inductees will be posted on Monday, April 17, 2017. 
Joan Dautel honored
Softball scoreboard named in her honor! 
WPAFB Air Force Research Lab hosting summer program LEGACY

Program for students from 6th grade to completion of bachelor's degree

Click here to view LEGACY E-Brochure Click here to view Craftsman Handout Click here to view Jr Apprentice Handout

District testing information for parents!
Important information for all FCS families! 
Employment opportunities for part time work!
Be part of Fairborn City Schools! 
FCS District One-Page Calendar for 2016-17
Click here to view!  
AFS looking for host families for Fairborn! AFS looking for host families for Fairborn!
Click here to view flyer!  
Fairborn High School Class of 1965 to hold reunion!
Click here for informational flyer!  
Early Release Dates for next school year!
The following are the Early Release dates for the 2015-2016 school year 
BMS 2016-17 Bell Schedules
Regular Bell Schedule
1st Period7:45 - 8:33  
2nd Period8:37 - 9:22  
3rd Period9:26 - 10:11  
4th Period6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
4A   10:15-11:00 (Class)10:15-10:45 (Lunch)10:15-10:50 (Access)
4B   11:04-11:34 (Lunch)10:49-11:24 (Access)10:54-11:39 (Class)
4C   11:38-12:13 (Access)11:28-12:13 (Class)11:43-12:13 (Lunch)
5th Period12:17-1:02  
6th Period1:06-1:51  
7th Period1:55-2:40(4 minute transitions) 
Early Release Schedule (Every Friday)
1st Period7:45-8:28  
2nd Period8:32-9:12  
3rd Period9:16-9:56  
4th Period6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
4A   10:00-10:40 (Class)10:00-10:30 (Lunch)10:00-10:30 (Access)
4B   10:44-11:14 (Lunch)10:34-11:04 (Access)10:34-11:14 (Class)
4C   11:18-11:48 (Access)11:08-11:48 (Class)11:18-11:48 (Lunch)
5th Period11:52-12:32  
6th Period12:36-1:16  
7th Period1:20-2:00(3 minute transitions) 
1 Hour Delay Schedule
1st Period8:45-9:26  
2nd period9:30-10:07  
4th Period6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
4A   10:11-10:48 (Class)10:11-10:41 (Lunch)10:11-10:41 (Access)
4B   10:52-11:22 (Lunch)10:45-11:15 (Access)11:45-11:22 (Class)
4C   11:26-11:56(Access)11:19-11:56(Class)11:26-11:56 (Lunch)
3rd Period12:00-12:37  
5th Period12:41-1:18  
6th Period1:22-1:59  
7th Period2:03-2:40(4 minute transitions) 
BMS 2-Hour Delay Schedule
1st Period9:45-10:16  
4th Period6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
4A   10:19-10:49 (Class)10:19-10:49 (Lunch)10:19-10:49 (Access)
4B   10:52-11:22 (Lunch)10:52-11:22 (Access)10:52-11:22 (Class)
4C   11:25-11:55 (Access)11:25-11:55(Class)11:25-11:55 (Lunch)
2nd Period11:58-12:28  
3rd Period12:31-1:01  
5th Period1:04-1:34  
6th Period1:37-2:07  
7th Period2:10-2:40(3 minute transitions)
Upcoming Events
Fairborn Committee for After Prom
Mon Apr 24 2017
Board of Education meeting
Thu May 4 2017