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Cell Phone Policy Changes for Baker Middle School and Fairborn High School students for upcoming school year

June 26, 2023
To: Baker Middle School and Fairborn High School staff members
FCS Cell Phone Policy for upcoming school year for Baker Middle School and Fairborn High School
The Fairborn City School District wants our students to be engaged in their learning and in appropriate social interaction during the school day.  The district administrative team, which includes leadership from the middle school and high school have discussed issues with cell phone use during the school day.  Per district data, the use of cell phones during the school day causes issues with behavior and lack of attention to learning.  A significant number of students have their cell phones out during instructional time which is resulting in significant educational distractions. Having access to cell phones during lunch and between classes also contributes to negative social media interaction among students which has led to physical conflict and in some cases emotional distress.
 With student safety and education as the top priorities of the school district, Baker Middle School and Fairborn High School will be using the Yondr system for the beginning of this school year. By limiting distractions during the school day, we hope to limit the negative effects of phone use during instructional time and reduce negative student interactions.  Additionally, in the event of an emergency, school staff will direct students according to our emergency management protocols. Cell phone use during crisis management can overload our communication systems and can and have spread misinformation during the situation. 
How does Yondr work? Students will be assigned a pouch at the beginning of the school year. They write their first initial and last name on the pouch and can personalize it as they see fit. Students are responsible for bringing the pouch to and from school daily. Upon arrival each day, students turn their phones off, place them in their pouch, and store them in their locker, purse or backpack until the end of the school day. The pouches will be unlocked as students leave for the day via an unlocking bases which will be placed strategically throughout the building.  Phone access can be granted during the school day in designated areas like the school office.  
How it works:
Start of the School Day:
  1. Upon arrival to school, students turn phone off or put on airplane mode.
  2. Students unlock Yondr pouch using an unlocking base (these will be placed/reviewed in key locations in the school)
  3. Students place cell phone in the pouch, securely close it, and store in locker, purse or backpack during the school day.
  4. Staff check at a uniform time daily to make sure that students have secured phone in the Yondr pouch.
During the School Day:
  1. Students keep cell phone inside Yondr pouch for the duration of the school day.
  2. Students who leave the school for an appointment, can unlock their bag upon leaving and lock it upon re-entry. 
  3. Students may not access to their phone during the school day anywhere on campus unless they are leaving campus.
End of the School Day:
  1. When the school day ends as students are leaving, they unlock their pouch using an unlocking base.
  2. Students remove phone from the pouch
  3. Students securely close the empty pouch so the pin does not get bent and place it in their backpack or purse for the next day.
  4. Students are free to use their cell phones on campus after school ends each day.
-For Baker Middle School: Monday early release: 1:55 p.m. Tuesday-Friday: 2:35 p.m.
-For Fairborn High School: Monday early release: 1:20 p.m. Tuesday-Friday: 2:00 p.m.
FCS wants our students to be safe and engaged in learning during the school day. Parents can contact the school main office if you need to contact your child during the school day. Students are also assigned a Chromebook and have access to email during the school day.  More information will be coming soon regarding distribution and locations of unlocking stations as well as information in Student Handbooks.  We want to support our staff to deliver high quality instruction and believe this tool will reinforce that support. 

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