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Fairborn City Schools awarded Financial Awards
September 1, 2022
News Release – for immediate release
For information contact: Kevin Philo/Treasurer

Fairborn Schools Awarded Three Prestigious Financial Awards

            The Fairborn City School District has been awarded two prestigious national awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2021. The Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) and the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) have both awarded their highest honors upon the Fairborn City School District. In addition, the Fairborn Schools have been awarded the “Auditor of State Award for Excellence in Fiscal Management and Oversight” by the State of Ohio Auditor’s Office.
            ASBO and GFOA have both awarded independently a Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting, which is the highest form of recognition in school financial reporting, to the Fairborn City School District for Fiscal Year 2021. Additionally, the Fairborn Schools earned the State of Ohio Auditor’s Award, which has stringent criteria for the District to meet to be recognized for such.
            “The Fairborn City Schools have always been committed to assure taxpayer accountability and full financial disclosure of the operations of the school district. These national and state awards are recognition for this financial accountability,” said Kevin S. Philo, Treasurer/CFO of the Fairborn City Schools. Mr. Philo continued with, “To compile this report, we have to undergo a vigorous audit every year by the State Auditor’s Office and receive the best financial opinion possible. I want to thank my dedicated team for their hard work and commitment each and every day. I am proud to work in Fairborn with this dedicated group of professionals, and we will continue to be outstanding stewards of our taxpayers’ dollars.”
            Fairborn Board of Education President Jerry Browning added, “Fairborn City Schools, under the guidance of Kevin Philo, has worked very hard to be transparent and fiscally responsible with our taxpayer’s money. It’s outstanding to get State and National recognition of these efforts. We would like to thank our entire financial team for everything that’s done on an ongoing basis to allow us to achieve these awards.”