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FHS American Sign Language (ASL) teacher signs at "Hamilton"
Fairborn High School ASL (American Sign Language) teacher, Michelle Lee, was on special assignment Saturday "Hamilton" to assist with signing. The interpreters who were scheduled for the show tested positive for COVID-19.
 When asked how all of this happened Michelle stated  "The interpreters who were originally trained and rehearsed for three weeks all tested positive for COVID and were not able to perform. Our team was requested on Wednesday late morning so we had about 72 hours to learn to interpret the Broadway production. Our team had to gel quickly, divide the roles, and WERK-WERK just like Hamilton... NON-STOP! It was important for all of us to do our best with the time we had to create an experience and access to the patrons who were Deaf. The team I worked with were all uniquely incredible with skill and support."
Michelle was requested because of her background in Theatrical Interpreting at Walt Disney World and Orando! 
Another Fairborn Skyhawk graduate and current ASL teacher at Fairborn High School sharing her knowledge and expertise!
We are proud of you Michelle! 
(Michelle is first on left of photograph)