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Elementary Art Classes Expanding

We are proud to be expanding our fine art programs to the elementary levels at Fairborn Intermediate and Fairborn Primary Schools beginning next school year. We recognize the need for our students to possess strong skills in a wide variety of competencies, and this is an essential step towards improving our offerings to students.

Art education, especially at the K-12 level, is critically important for kids to develop strong interpersonal skills. An adequate arts education helps kids develop skills that foster collaboration, build confidence, cultivate creativity, build cultural awareness and empathy, and practice critical thinking and analysis. 

Art classes will help our students in other academic and professional pursuits as well- improving visual presentation skills, improving hand-writing, promoting creativity in student work, and encouraging students to take pride in their work. While content is important, the visual presentation of one's work is even more important.

Students will take art classes once a week and the curriculum will align with state standards, allowing opportunities for our teachers to integrate other core subject areas into artwork.