District establishes "Citizen's Financial Review Committee"

Press Release

May 3, 2019

FCS District Treasurer/CFO hosts “Citizen’s Financial Review” Committee

Contact: Kevin Philo

A diverse group of community members met this week to look at school finances and provide input to the school district Treasurer/CFO Kevin Philo. The purpose of the committee is to provide honesty and open communication about the finances of Fairborn City Schools. Philo stated “We value your opinions and we want to encourage open and honest conversation. The district is financially stable and we will work hard to keep it that way.”

Attendees reviewed a financial history of the district including projected expenditures and revenues. The also reviewed “Per Pupil Expenditures” in comparison to other local school districts and tax rates.

The committee and Treasurer’s office will work hard to provide:

*Easy to understand Financial Data for the public and staff

*Benchmarks for comparison to prove value

*Solid short and long range financial projections

*Precise financial planning to avoid emergencies and large voter requests

The district has award winning financial reports including the “Auditor of State” award and the CAFR.

The Fairborn Schools Citizen’s Financial Review Committee is comprised of over 25 individuals with diverse backgrounds including the Superintendent, Board President, representatives of the teachers and classified staff, senior citizens, business owners, and overall concerned citizens interested in improving Fairborn Schools.

The next meeting of the committee will be in September. For more in depth financial information, please visit the Fairborn City Schools website at: