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Community School Sponsor

Community School Sponsor

Fairborn City Schools currently operates as the Sponsor for Fairborn Digital Academy, an online educational program for high school students. This partnership officially began November 14, 2002. 

Sponsor Mission:

 The Fairborn City School District in partnership with the schools it sponsors will provide a safe, nurturing environment that values individual differences and is in relentless pursuit of personal and academic excellence of all students.

Sponsorship Values:
FDA Sponsor Report 2018-2019 click here 

FCS Sponsorship Committee:

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Fairborn Digital Academy Sponsorship Committee Representatives:

Mr. Erik Tritsch (Executive Director)
Principal: Jessica Biggers
Treasurer: David Stephens

For more information about Fairborn Digital Academy:
Sponsorship Links: 
Sponsoring Annual Report-FDA sponsor annual report signed.pdf (December 9, 2020)
Sponsorship Mission click here 
Governance Chart click here

Application Information:
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Sponsorship reviewer score sheet click here 
Replicator sponsorship application click here 
Replicator sponsorship interview click here 
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