Spanish Textbook/Parent Textbook and Resource Review

Fairborn City Schools is reviewing materials and resources for FHS Spanish adoption by the district.  Parents are invited to review the selection of books and instructional materials being considered.  Textbooks are available for review at the Board of Education offices at 306 E. Whittier Ave, Fairborn, OH.  Below is a link to the online resources:

Comments can be directed to Dr. Sue Brackenhoff, Office of Curriculum & Instruction at 878-3961 or

The following are being considered for adoption:


Each Textbook under consideration was reviewed using the following criteria.


1. Material content aligns to state/district curriculum.

2. Material is a useful resource in preparing students for statewide assessments. 


3. Materials focus on knowledge, skills and abilities appropriate to the grade level.

4. Materials demonstrate rigor appropriate to grade level. 

5. Real-World applications are relevant to students. 

6. Information and explanations are clearly written and explained. 

7. Non-Text Content (maps, graphs, pictures etc.) are accurate/authentic. 

8. Tasks apply to the diversity of students and their abilities, interests and learning styles. 

9. Questions/Tasks encourage the development and application of higher level thinking. 

10. Teacher Edition includes questioning strategies and/or questions to check for understanding at all Depth of Knowledge levels. 

11. Teacher Edition includes formative evaluation tools and processes. 

12. Materials demonstrate concepts in multiple ways allowing for a variety of student responses. 

13. Task are aligned to a skill or concept at grade level. 

14. Material is focused on the major ideas/skills at that grade level. 

 15. Content includes 21st Century skill development such as collaboration, creative thinking and problem solving. 


16. Material provides a useful table of contents, glossary and supplemental pages index.

17. Layout is consistent, chapters/units are arranged logically. 

18. Teacher Edition contains interesting introductions and a list of prerequisite skills for each chapter. 

19. Information is accurate, current and research based. 

20. Focus of academic vocabulary is prevalent throughout. 

21. Format is visually appealing to students. 

22. Material provides assessment type questions and/or performance based tasks.

23. Electronic and Interactive format is available.