Host families needed for AFS Exchange Students

Please email  ( or cell number (513-218-6372) if you are interested in hosting. AFS needs Dayton area host families  for 11 students listed below from Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, France, Germany, Ghana, Israel and Senegal.   I have included below a brief description for each student. Upon request I can provide much more detailed information as to these students including their self-introductory letters.  

Yasmin (Switzerland, F 16) Enjoys swimming and diving, riding horses, wants to be a teacher.

Stefania (Italy F 15)  A strong student who enjoys exercise, scouting, reading and volunteers at church.

Cecilia Valentina (Spain F 15) Loves dogs and sports, is family oriented, enjoys movies, plays handball.

Gusti (Indonesia F 17) *YES Scholar: Enjoys singing in a choir and is interested in international diplomacy.

Theophane (France M 17) A scout who enjoys camping and cooking, sports, plays tennis

Miguel (Spain, M 16) Plays basketball, would like to try football.  Loves animals, good student, community service

Jan (Germany M 15) A rower and swimmer, also likes computer games, cooking and plays the French horn.

Adam (Ghana M 17) *YES Scholar:  An avid soccer player and ref. Interested in broadcasting, family oriented.   

Leen (Israel F 15) *YES Scholar:  A violinist and self-proclaimed bookworm who loves writing and has excellent grades. 

Loris (Switzerland  M 16) (First Semester only)  Excellent student, sporty, and also interested in photography.

Sokhna (Senegal F 17) *YES Scholar: Self taught pianist who dreams of becoming a doctor,  loves family time.

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