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Pamela Gayheart
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The Fairborn Education Foundation/Alumni Association is an independent, nonprofit organization that provides grant funding and other support for innovative programs for the Fairborn City School district teachers and students and scholarships for FHS graduates.  Founded in 2005, the foundation is funded entirely by public donations. All contributions are fully tax-deductible.  Support of the Fairborn Education Foundation is an investment in the future...our children! To learn more about the important work of this organization, contact Mr. Ed Marrinan at "Greene Giving" at (937) 562-5552.

The Fairborn Education Foundation (under Greene County Giving) currently administers nearly $600,000 in scholarship funds.  Fairborn High School graduating seniors are eligible for these scholarships. These can be found under the "Guidance" tab on the Fairborn High School website.  Fairborn High School Guidance Counselors will also have the information!

A partial list of available scholarships include:
FEF-Artimus Brassfield Memorial Scholarship.
FEF-David DeCarlo Memorial Fund
FEF-Noah E. LeMaster Memorial Scholarship
FEF-FHS Living Memorial Scholarship
FEF- Scarberry Family AF ROTC Scholarship
FEF-Vera T. Schneider Memorial Scholarship
FEF-Gary E. Wright Memorial Scholarship

For information on any of these, please contact the FHS Guidance Department. Thank you to the Fairborn community for your support of Fairborn High School students and scholarships!

The Fairborn Education Foundation/Alumni Association hosts an annual banquet to honor district staff nominated by students for their dedication to education.