District Administration

About Our District

Fairborn City Schools

 306 E. Whittier Avenue

Fairborn, OH 45324

For more information please contact Mrs. Pam Gayheart, Public Relations/Grants, 937-878-3961 ext. 117. Email: pgayheart@fairborn.k12.oh.us

Child Nutrition Supervisor

Mrs. Paula M. Montgomery

Visit: http://www.schoolnutritionandfitness.com/index.php?sid=1803132238005259

for more information about Fairborn City Schools Nutrition department!

Education Foundation

Peter Bour

Email: pbour@fairborn.k12.oh.us


Gifted Services

Director: Jean Kremer


Board of Education: 937-878-3961 ext. 122

Maintenance Supervisor

 Mr. Roger Pankake

Email: rpankake@fairborn.k12.oh.us

(937) 878-3961




Office of Curriculum and Instruction

Mr. Brad Silvus

Email: bsilvus@fairborn.k12.oh.us

(937) 878-3961


Office of Student Services/Certified Personnel



 Supervisor Student Services/Certified Personnel

Mr. Gary Walker


(937) 878-3961






Personnel - Employment
Mrs. Barb Woods 


Email: bwoods@fairborn.k12.oh.us




 Mr. Dave Scarberry

Email: dscarberry@fairborn.k12.oh.us


Transportation Supervisor

 Mrs. Charlotte Tinglestad
Email: ctingelstad@fairborn.k12.oh.us
(937) 878-1772





 Eric K. Beavers/Treasurer/CFO

Email: ebeavers@fairborn.k12.oh.us